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Not Specified is a local leader in marketing web design companies dedicated to helping local communities and businesses grow. Our unique approach and emphasis on “locanomics” are what set us apart from the competition.

For over 10 years, has provided local consumers with its own service to the community: a convenient link between businesses and consumers.

The most important guiding principle behind MetroAlive is the importance of "locanomics", or "local economics". Locanomics is a term we’ve coined to describe the economy of the all-important local market. This market is made up of small businesses, owned by members of the community like ourselves. We are dedicated to supporting local economies by advertising small, locally owned businesses and helping to keep money circulating locally. We believe that the trend of large, market dominating businesses are damaging to communities and their locanomics and our mission is to fight against it. provides businesses with the control and flexibility needed to create personalized advertisements that highlight their promotions, specials, or events, targeted directly at the customers that seek them. It’s the most effective marketing tool available today and it is providing consumers with the information our businesses know will create long lasting business-consumer relationships.

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Lansing, MI Breakfast
Novi, MI Lunch
Lake County, IL Dinner
Plymouth, MI Lunch
Lansing, MI Lunch
Lake County, IL Breakfast is a unique, visual website that provides value for businesses, individuals, and the community. Making use of detailed photographs and video, the site highlights everything from the cuisine, atmosphere, specials, and events of local restaurants, to the variety of merchandise, promotions, and services provided by businesses.

MetroAlive’s built-in search engine enables users to view and evaluate real-time information about businesses and events, both from the comfort of their homes or the convenience of their mobile devices.

MetroAlive is a community website that connects individuals with local businesses and events with an emphasis on locanomics.

MetroAlive’s interactive search engine allows customers to experience and evaluate your “up-to-minute” information. On MetroAlive, your message and visual presentation are at the fingertips of your customers.
Link Your Website
Link to your website or use your profile on MetroAlive as your online storefront.
Advertise Coupons
Advertise specials, events and promotions in your profile and on our calendar.
Add Photos and Video
Add product-specific, high-resolution professional images and video.
Update Your Profile
Update your profile in real time to reflect current product offerings.
Showcase Your Business
Showcase businesses in our community event sponsorships.
With just a few clicks,
MetroAlive brings the historically dynamic and vibrant metropolitan Detroit communities and businesses to life.

The site combines custom profiles of local businesses with a comprehensive calendar of events, promotions and specials to offer a virtual directory and resource center.

MetroAlive showcases businesses such as retail shops, restaurants, professional service providers and organizations through photography, video and text.

It also offers an up-to-the minute community calendar that lists current events in and around Detroit as well as specials, promotions, and activities.